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Federal Economic Update

1.5 Credit Hours

This presentation will focus on national and regional trends including various topics related to GDP and near term outlook, labor market conditions, housing market conditions, recent migration trends, and monetary policy.  

with special guest

Ryotaro Tashiro, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Ryotaro Tashiro is an economic and public outreach associate in the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. He is responsible for conducting research on current regional economic issues of the Federal Reserve’s Third District and informing external audiences on national and regional economic conditions, monetary policy, and the role of the Federal Reserve in the economy.

Prior to joining the Bank in June 2016, Tashiro was a business analyst at Bloomberg, where he was responsible for conducting research on issues related to equity data quality. He also has substantial experience as a classroom instructor, ranging from high school AP Economics to Intermediate Japanese and Intermediate Spanish languages at the college level.

Tashiro has a master’s degree in economics from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, and graduated with High Honors with a bachelor’s degree in economics and a minor in mathematics from Kenyon College.

Estate Planning for High Net Worth Clients

1.5 Credit Hours

Aaron Jackson, Attorney

Jackson Law Firm, Mechanicsburg, PA

There are special considerations when we work with clients that have a particularly high net worth. The presentation discusses the most common goals of high net worth families as well as several specific techniques regarding strategies to accomplish those goals. While we as professionals often jump to the conclusion that these clients care most about financial concerns, the first part of the presentation focuses on the fact that the most common concern is still almost always family governance or the continued success of a family business. Therefore, it is imperative to discuss both family control and business succession plans with them.

The presentation also review the current status of the most potentially damaging taxes to larger estates. This topic is particularly interesting to attendees because of the differing opinions as to what the political change will bring. The presentation looks at several viewpoints and discusses different outcomes based on each “prediction.”

The most substantial portion of the presentation focuses on specific planning techniques for high net worth clients. The three particular topics that are discussed include estate freezing strategies and their usefulness in the future, tax exempt wealth transfers, and creditor protection planning.

Finally, the presentation closes with a brief discussion regarding the importance of each individual professional role in the planning process. The focus point is the much greater likelihood of success with a client when a multi-disciplinary process is employed rather than “siloed” professionals

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